China has become the world's aluminum production, consumption and export country
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China has become the world's aluminum production, consumption and export country

With the rapid development of economy and society and the rapid development of aircraft manufacturing industry, China has become the world's major aluminum production, consumption and export of major powers, and gradually become the world leader in the development of aluminum.

Recently from 2014 China International Aluminum Industry Exhibition Organizing Committee was informed that as an important symbol of the aluminum industry in China in the global status, and strengthen the will on May 28 in Guangzhou opened in 2014 China International Aluminum Industry Exhibition International, professional full range. Including aluminum, Alcoa, dubal, Asia, Hing Fat, Nanshan, the phoenix aluminum and other giants at home and abroad of 26 countries worldwide more than 300 exhibitors exhibitors.

According to the China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association statistics, in 2013 China's aluminum production reached 12 million 560 thousand tons, accounting for 34% of the global total output, an increase of about 6 times the world level. After becoming the world's largest aluminum producer and consumer, China is expected to quickly become the largest exporter of aluminum. With the introduction of China's aluminum industry access system, export tax rebate adjustment, alumina production release and a series of industrial environmental changes, China has also started to adjust the global aluminum industry to inject new catalyst.

2014 China International aluminum industry exhibition contractors reed Expo Group Vice President of China Liu Guoliang said, "the China International Aluminum Industry Exhibition this year staged in Guangzhou, because the current Guangdong occupy half of China's aluminum exports, is the nation's premier aluminum consumption of a large province. Foshan, Guangdong, the South China Sea as the center of aluminum base, gathered hundreds of large and medium-sized extrusion, rolling enterprises, construction of the Pearl River Delta region of the complete aluminum chain.

Liu Guoliang said, "in the future, China International Aluminum Industry Exhibition will be in odd numbered years Shanghai, even in Guangzhou held alternately, so as to effectively integrate aluminium resources and advantages of the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta and the depth of excavation, promote both trade and technology exchanges and cooperation, China Aluminum industry development in a virtuous circle to build effective platform."

As the main exhibitors Alcoa Asia Pacific region and Alcoa China President Jinya Chen said: Alcoa is world's leading aluminum manufacturers, is also China's aluminum industry the biggest foreign investors, through the current aluminum exhibition, we will showcase advanced products, technology and service concepts, advocacy and implementation of the strategy of sustainable development, and all counterparts together actively fulfill corporate social responsibility. "

It is reported that during the exhibition will be held in China International Aluminum Processing Forum "and" China International Aluminum Industry Technology Exhibition seminar ", the global well-known experts and enterprises responsible for people on the world aluminum industry pattern changes, the trend of market development and the latest scientific and technical aspects are discussed, including through innovative recycling energy saving hot topic.

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