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Other East Technology Project :

ID Example of Project ID Example of Project
1 ZhengZhou Telecommunication Building of Henan 21 Qiqihar University
2 Great Hall of the People 22 Four-season Garden Hotel of Nantong City
3 Tianjin Japanese Assembly Hall 23 Huaiyin Cigarette Factory
4 Wuhan International Convention & Exhibition Center 24 Audit Office of Jinlin Province
5 Lanzhou Railway Station 25 China National Chemical Corporation Mansion
6 CCP School 26 Beijing Caizhi International Mansion
7 Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport 27 110 Command Center of Jiangyin City
8 Shanxi Science Technolnogy Convention & Exhibition Center 28 Jinan Lidong Mansion of Shandong Province
9 Furama Holiday Hotel 29 Zhonghao Holding Co,.Ltd of Hangzhou City
10 Ningxia People's Press 30 Shenyang China-Korea Center Mansion
11 Ningbo Commercial Bank 31 Beijing Ziguang Development Mansion
12 Tianjing Airport Lounge Building 32 Beijing Diaoyutai State Guesthouse
13 Zhengzhou 2-7 Square 33 Harbin International Business Center
14 Changchun Exhibition Center 34 Army Aviation College,CPLA
15 Hai Nuo Group 35 Public Security Bureau of Tieling City
16 Zhengzhou 2-7 Square Indoor Scene 36 Wealth Mansion of Yiwu International Business Town
17 Zhengzhou 2-7 Aquare Outdoor Scene 37 Daqing Petroleum Institute
18 Shenyang SR International New Town 38 Wenzhou Science & Technology museum
19 Jiaozhou Municipal Government Building of Shandong Province 39 Changchun Railway Station
20 Jiaozhou New Town Mansion of Shandong 40 Taizhou Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision
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